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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Messages...Loud and Clear!

Yesterday I was driving home from work and took a route, I usually don’t take. Usually I drive across the bridge home, it adds about ten minutes to my commute, but it is more scenic and allows me to unwind and shake off the work day by the time I get home.

However, yesterday it was raining buckets and the bridge is shaky at best during rain and wind storms. So, in pouring rain, I took the interstate, which is bridge free. About, ten minutes into my commute, I had a life altering occurrence. One car ahead of me in a downpour, I saw a semi truck hydroplane, cross the median and hit a street light. As if in slow motion, I saw the street light come down in front of me, there was nowhere for me to go but straight ahead. Another truck was going around me to the left, a line of cars were behind me and cars were to the right of me. So I prayed and drove forth over the street light, I could hear aluminum and glass crunch beneath my tires, but I drove on to the next exit and pulled over.

I was thanking God and shaking like a leaf. I pulled into a gas station, sat still for a minute while praying and catching my breath, then I called my husband. Of course, at that point tears started flowing. I was so grateful and shaken. Because I knew that God had given me literally wrapped his arms around me and saved me from what could have been not just life-changing but life ending.

After talking to my husband, I calmed down, thanked God and headed on my way home. All I could think of was how short and blessed life is and how things and situations can change on a dime.

The night before I had, had the same kind of epiphany. While sitting in a church meeting that was going very well and with one question the entire tone and agenda changed. I left that meeting shaken in much the same way I had in the near accident. Understanding ,that God was talking plainly and clearly talking to me and that I had better wake up and listen.

I have been chronically tired for a long time, but I force myself to plunge on and I have hit a wall. Most of last year I spend vast amounts of time trying to help this one and fix that one and do this and do that and I woke up in a New Year realizing I hadn’t really helped or fixed anyone or anything; just did a bunch of enabling and overdoing; because for the most part, nothing had changed and I knew I had to change me, reprioritize, make my health, my spirit and my very soul my priorities.

So mostly I have to say henceforth, I am going to have to listen when God speaks…because he always does and when we don’t listen he speaks louder, yesterday in traffic, he screamed in my ear and I heard HIM...


Shelia G said...

Angelia, I thank God that He had his shield of protection around you.

We have to take care of our spirit and our bodies so that we can be used to help others.

AS women, we're natural nurturers, taking care of everybody but ourselves. For some reason, we were told it was selfish to do such and such.

As I've gotten older, I know that it's not selfish. If you don't take care of self, what do you really have to offer anyone else.

We are to treat others like we treat ourselves :)

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

he sure did, once again...and sometimes we think we are taking care of self, when we arent...


Shai said...

When I got robbed at gunpoint on my way to work 10 years ago, a voice told me to stay home and call in sick. I thought it was the devil. I fought to voice and then it was like alright go. My life passed before my eyes when I saw the gun. SMH. The voice was right I should have stayed home.

Jennifer C. said...

Mama Deep, so happy that God had your back and saved you from all the things that could possibly harm you, especially yesterday's light pole.

Dera Williams said...

God is so good and wonderful. Even in a frightening moment, he lets you see his goodness. Take care of yourself.

Folake Taylor, MD. said...

Wow! Jesus be praised for his mercies. I had a potential life altering experience yesterday but not in any way life threatening. Jesus is Lord is all I can say. Your work here is not finished.

And I don't agree that you haven't helped anyone or changed anything. You may not see it but you are helping change the world. And you definitely have helped me! :-)

Shantel said...

In th words of Steve Harvey, "God ain't through with you yet!" God voice is truly amazing. Praise him, he kept you safe on the road that night.

I recall when I was alone and pregnant, I was contemplating what I should do, keep the baby or what!! Well, I heard Gods voice clearly one day as I drove down the street with a friend one day say, "what would Jesus do?" he spoke to me through out that pregnancy, which is the only thing that got me through that very trying situation.

He is always there for us guiding us and carrying us. I have to learn to wait on him and here his voice in everything. Let alone learn to listen when I do here him. I question the voice I here because I always wonder if it's just me making another bad decision. Then later I realize what and who was speaking.

Awesome indeed.

Linda Chavis said...

Oh my goodness..I felt the terror. I have been in car accidents and near misses so I understand and we are so happy your ok..!! Take care of YOU FIRST !

Unknown said...

I had goose bumps while reading. Like stubborn children sometimes we don't listen to a gentle voice and so He had to shout to get our attention, but He is always there to love and protect us.

Take care of you so that you will be able to help others.