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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I am often asked why I am always talking about other writers books and sharing links et, al. My answer is simply, ‘That is how it’s done…” Then inevitably, I am asked, “Even if they don’t do the same for you?” My answer is ESPECIALLY then. Because here is the thing, I am mandated by God to give, and give cheerfully and if my little link sharing or high fiving a book will get someone to purchase someone else’s work, then I have done my part in the giving and my bounty flows from that. A hand open in giving is never empty and my hands are living testimonies. And that whole do unto others as they have done unto you is blessing defeating crap. Yes I said crap. I am delighted when people support me and my work and giggle all up and inside myself when they share it, and there are quite a few, but I don’t expect it and my supporting them isn’t dependent upon what they have done for me. Mr. M and I was talking about this very thing last night as that as blessed as we are, we have no choice but to spread it around in as many ways as possible and everything doesn’t necessarily have to be reciprocal. I will also be quite honest and say I support those things I believe in and utilize. If you see me supporting something it isn’t to get something, no one has slid me any ‘fetti or nothing. I simply read or use a product and I feel the need to shout it from the rooftops, if someone benefits from it then more the better. Babies, we are going to have to stop attaching a price tag and a get back to everything we do. Because that IS messing with the blessing. We have to learn to do those things that are heart led and don’t fool with those that aren’t. Be about what you believe in and appreciate, then go tell it on the mountains, over the hills and far away…. I know, I know… LOVE! Angelia!

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Unknown said...

You are so right.. too many times we lose our blessings because we do things with the expections of getting something in return and that's not how it works. When you give unselfishly is when you are rewarded..........Keep doing what the Lord puts in your heart.