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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It's hard to BELIEVE what people find believable or unbelievable,
Hard because it seems that if it's bad, negative or ugly,
People may shake their heads but they rarely say, 'Unbelievable'...
But if it's positive, good or beautiful, one of the first words that fly from lips, is 'Unbelievable'...
I have had that occur with me, talking to someone about something awesome going on in my life,
and, "Unbelievable" is the response,
But I have been in conversations where the person was going on about,
A bad situation and the crowd is embracing it, co-signing, believing it...
The word unbelievable has come up a time or two in book discussions I have had about my work,
Particularly about 'Cinnamon's Universe'...
People really struggle with the idea that a man could look the other way,
Knowing his wife is embroiled with another man,
Everything else is believable and certainly if the book had been entitled 'Brown or Black's Universe,
It would have been more believable...
When writing the book, my goal was to make the characters believable,
Black had to be a man who any woman would risk everything for,
Cinnamon had to be a woman so complex, yet loving that men would want her and make concessions,
Brown had to be bad enough for readers to understand how he could have his woman step out, but good enough for readers to believe that even with Cinnamon having Black, she would be unable to 'toss-up' Brown...
Not only that, the world is a complicated place with all kinds of relationships going on that we are not made privy to,
And it seems my job as a writer is to allow readers, people, to see that every variation of a relationship,
Of living is possible and believable...
I discovered this on my journeys around the globe,
Mostly, only Americans struggle with the concept of 'Affairs of the Heart',
Honest ones anyway,
If I had written these characters in many European countries,
The word unbelievable would never have been used...
So I am left to assume that what we find believable is what has occurred in our lives,
Or the lives of people we know,
And if we have never loved or been loved unconditionally,
Then it would be real hard to believe...

Love and Blessings,


shelia said...

Good Post. A fiction world can be belieavable even when it may seem "farfetched." I just did a review with Kandie last night about two films and that was one of the questions I asked her...was the movie belieavable.

Angelia... said...

Thanks Sheila,


JC Martin said...

"Unbelievable" happens to be one of my favorite word. Until this post I did not realize how often I used it. And I am guilty as charged, I do use it at times when I truly shouldn't.

As for Cinnamon, my question for people who question the believability would be...why is it believable for a man to be married with a girlfriend that the wife knows about, but still allows him to be her husband? Why should men get all the passes in the relationships of the heart? I read those books and I was believing that it was possible.

Great topic!

Angelia... said...

Why should men get all the passes in the relationships of the heart?

HELLLLOOOOOOOOOO,,,,and usually the diehard fans like you babygirl will handle the one in the crowd who didn't get that...

mama deep

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable? Not hardly! I've read those books and yes; I know of men just like Black and Brown...many of them.

I've had both a Brown and a Black in my life...both have passed on but my Brown (the father of my only child) was bad enough to admit that was willing to share me with my Black...only the "good girl" in me would not allow me to have them both and I let my Brown be with my Black until the day he died.

On a good day; I'd like to believe that I am a whole lot like Cinnamon and now that I am going on 55; it's gonna be about me satisfying me.

Well...both my Brown and my Black have passed on and I have no regrets about my relationship with either but I do know one thing...who you love and how you love has a whole lot to do with your heart and a lot less to do with what society says it should be about.

No Sistah Deep . . . your stories though fictionalized are not "farfetched" by any measure of the imagination. I know sisters who are more liberated than I was back then who roll just like Cinnamon and the people in their lives, men and women; adults and children and the community that they serve are blessed by their love and commitment. Seriously!

What I found so unbelievable was that a writer who did not even know me could write the very same emoitions that I had once felt in Cinnamon's story. It was like having the author looking right into my heart and my situation.

Write on Sistah Deep; as my almost 80 year old Mama says about the trilogy..."that girl really tapped into how intricate love really is among our people."


Angelia... said...

Thanks Much Queen I,
much loved women totally understand how it works, as does men who love much...


Yasmin said...

If I had written these characters in many European countries,

I was just telling hubby this yesterday...Americans can be so prudeish...and only see things through our own eyes sometimes...different be dayum!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Your characters are "real' because you are so real and that's what makes them "believable" to me... Keep writing, sis! When I'm done with this deadline I'm going to dig into me some Brown and savor that last installment...


Angelia... said...

Thanks Gwyneth,
I will always 'keep it real', don't know any betta...