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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Convincing Whom..

One of my blogs convinced me to blog
I had a respondent on one of my recent blogs say, they had wondered who I was trying to convince,
When I rambled and they had concluded, I was trying to convince me...
I am not sure if convince is the proper word,
But my blogs are surely therapeutic for me,
I will go through something,
See something,
Feel something,
Hear something,
And in order to have it make sense to me, I will blog about it,
I always did, it was just called journaling at that time...giggling...
So I am not sure if I am convincing myself,
But every single time I blog about something,
I am certainly reminding myself,
Trying to enlighten myself,
Keep myself straight,
And if in any way someone gets something from it,
To Quote Ice Cube, "It was a good day"

Love and Blessings,


Yasmin said...

Hey sis...I saw that comment...and my response was don't most of us blog/write about what's most familiar to us...but hmmm the person who left the comment I wonder why they had to hide behind anonymous...that seemed fairly cowardly to me...but if you know them I take my comment back. ;)
But...I do wonder about folks who state things anonymously esp. those things that might not be favorable or positive under the guise of anonymous...SHOW YOUR

Angelia... said...

We do indeed write what we know and what is working for us,