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Saturday, October 13, 2007


A friend asked me where do the words come from,
I told her my heart and my head,
Also from all the things I have gone through,
Seen others go through,
Mostly my ability to sit still and think,
So many describe me as a people person,
And to a great extent I am, but only in the sense of service,
Mostly I am a quite, quiet self-contained person,
Who rarely feels a need to mingle,
I want to mingle, ocassionally
But that is different,
Needing to mingle indicates something missing,
That hopefully can be found by mingling,
Whereas wanting to, simply means I enjoy mingling,
And would like to do so sometimes...
Therefore as an internal being,
It gives me an inordinate (all the time)
Amount of time to mentally explore,
Then to write down what is in my heart,
Or what has been imparted to me through experience,
Or through study,
As I have said before I am simply a vessel,
And why God has chosen at this time to allow me to speak, to ramble...
Without pausing, through my words,
Is of no import to me, I don't question, I accept...
I will just do as has been divined,
There were years when I was talking and saying nothing,
Caught up in superficial, politically correct conversations,
But one day as a Grown Woman I knew that all that I had seen,
Been told and taught,
Even those things I had been blessed with had to come to the surface,
Otherwise, what was the point of knowing something,
Believing something,
If you aren't sharing something,
Because an unshared gift or blessing,
Is wasted...

Love and Blessing,


Poetic Genesis said...

Totally agree! Nothing better than sharing your matter how it's received.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...


Love and Blessings,