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Monday, March 24, 2008

Knowing Your Audience...

Knowing your audience is a must, and understanding that everything isn’t for everybody is critical…
On one of our many road trips, I was thinking about that very thing this weekend,
I have several upcoming signings, and one I have been on the fence about,
And it mainly has to do with the audience…
This isn’t just about selling books either,
Knowing your audience is imperative in whatever you’re doing if you want others to partake or participate…
Last July I was asked to participate in a Jazz, Poetry and Books night,
It was in a very nice club with a group of mostly middle-aged, educated people,
So going in I knew from whence I was working.
The Jazz was a big hit,
My books did real well, because walking in I did a visual scan and immediately knew what I would read and could gauge how they would respond, as a result,
I made lasting connections and got my books in local libraries,
Selling most of my books,
However, the poets, were young men from colleges, one had even done comedy on BET,
Well they didn’t know their audience…enough said,
The same is true with online groups,
I see groups start and everyone is gung-ho,
Very quickly, unless it is taken into consideration that there is a very diverse group of people coming into these groups,
Participation drops off quickly,
What I have been told is that people feel they aren’t a part of it,
Or their input is not valued or they feel diminished in some way.
In this case it is often a misunderstanding of like-mindedness,
Many times folks join something thinking it’s about one thing and it turns out to be something else…so they leave…in droves…feeling they weren’t the intended audience…
Segueing back to books,
I have discovered who my niche audience is and how to cater to that demographic,
Knowing that potentially sales may come from other groups,
But never forgetting or distancing those who I know are going to put down their money time after time, if I give them what they want…
I don’t have any special skills or insights,
Other than the ability to listen, learn and remember it really isn’t about me,
But about what my audience wants…and will partake of…



Gwyneth Bolton said...

Yes indeed! Knowing your audience is key!


Angelia... said...

it sure is key and if we arent careful we lose folks without knowing why!


JC Martin said...

Too bad for the young Poets, who obviously didn't take the time to scan the room like you to make sure their target audience was in the house.

I do agree knowing your audience will help your success.

Angelia... said...

It's not so much as scanning the room but finding out the demographics of your crowd and knowing how to give them what you have in the way they can accept it. That is something I have learned as as SP author, I totally get that there is a certain group who are not going to ever purchase to SP authors as such once I know I don't waste time or money in that arena...much of it also is trial, error and common if you don't care, that is something else altogether...


Anonymous said...

Very true. Young writers don't pay attention to this. Excellent advice. I try to make my genres clear on Many individuals contact me wanting to join my friends but don't look at the books I and my friends read. I look at theirs.

Minnie E

Angelia... said...

That is exactly it Ms. Minnie,
thanks for posting,,,


Anonymous said...

So very true in every way.

I remember going to an open mic with a few of my 'other' friends. They wanted me to get on stage and recite a poem. I refused. Not because I was scared, but because I knew 'that' audience wasn't going for my 'black is beautiful' laced poems in their 'lager and abercrombie' club. Mama Deep, you're absolutely right. Us youngins' call it 'playin' your position'.

Great post!


Angelia... said...

when we 'play our position' wrong we play ourselves..

Love Ya Like Cake!

mama deep