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Thursday, March 20, 2008

When She's Done...

When a sister is done, she is done...
We all know that, my newest book coming out sometime this fall explores this very fact.
Schaelonda Jackson has been a woman who though smart, felt because she was beautiful, it was her right to have a man, men take care of her, but something has changed inside, she is done,
It is time to show the world that within her lovely chest beats the heart of a smart, savvy business woman who when she says she's done, she means it:

Excerpt from Schae's Story

Rolling over to glance sleepily at his mistress, Tony Mangini smiled.
Getting out of the bed, pulling the satin coverlet around her, Schae Jackson walked across the room, sitting down on the plush, velvet covered chair.

“Please leave, I can't do this any longer."
Fully awake now, Tony sat up staring across the room at the woman he'd been involved with for years. His wife Maria had multiple sclerosis. When he met Schae at a fundraiser he knew she would be a woman he could take care of financially, who would discreetly meet his needs. At the time she was in her late thirties and he was ten years older. He knew of her reputation, she was a smart woman, a bank officer, but was known for being cared for by rich, powerful men.
Malcolm Black, one of the wealthiest, black entrepreneurs in Central Florida had once been involved with her. She was a beautiful, almond hued-woman who took care of herself physically and would do anything to please a man. He couldn’t figure out what she meant by being unable to do it any longer. He had provided well for her. If he were willing to admit it, he loved her.
“What is it you can't do Schaelonda, please explain?" Looking across the room she held his glance.
“I can't do any of this. I can no longer have an affair with you, be your, your... whatever I am. I'm tired. I have spent the past thirty years of my life, hopping in and out of bed with wealthy men. Since I was fifteen years old, I have used my looks and sexuality to get things and Tony I'm tired. I'm ashamed of myself, finally. I've attended church for years. Mostly because it was the thing to do but now that we have that new pastor, I feel differently. She is reaching me at a level I didn't know existed and I need to change my life." The sound of her voice startled him. Pulling on his slacks, walking across the room, Tony thought about what he was going to say. After several minutes, he walked back sitting down next to her, speaking quietly.
"Do me a favor, think about this. Shaelonda, I care about you. Otherwise I would never have purchased this condo or that car you drive or all of those other things. I know you understand my responsibility to my wife, my children and grandchildren. I love Maria but as a man I have needs and no one has ever met them more than you, no one."
Tears glistened in her hazel eyes as she looked at him, knowing he didn't understand what she was saying.
"Tony, I don't want you to leave Maria or your family. I have always understood that. What I feel has nothing to do with you or them, it has to do with me. I need and want to get closer to God and being a mistress isn't how I plan to do that. I gave up so many things, such as having children to be this, this whatever, I've become and I can't change any of that. But what I can do is change now and I plan to. As for what you have done for me, well, that was apart of the deal. We provided what the other needed for almost seven years. I just don't want to do it any longer." Feeling more pain than he expected, he walked quietly to the shower.

"She must think I’m a fool, there must be another man. She'll come around. There is no man in this town with more money than me. I won't let her go..."



Anonymous said...

This is interesting... I hope he doesn't turn psycho on her.

I can't wait til you drop it. I'm gonna be thinking about her until then.

Love you

Angelia... said...

Thanks Babee,
I am excited about her, I have met a lot of Schae's in my life...I have several events for Is NO Not Clear through September...I should be done with Schae by June, then she will get buffed and polished, I will be 'Menchaning' her at my events...I will start pre-advertising this summer and she will be out by mid-fall...


shelia said...

The excerpt makes me want to read more. There are men who think their money is enough.

Angelia... said...

Dont you know...and unfortunately there are "Schaes" who have bought into the madness...


Gwyneth Bolton said...

This excerpt has certainly made me want to read more. My goodness. I'm rooting for her already! Looks like you're gonna have another great one coming, sis!


Angelia... said...

Thanks Lady Gwyneth,
I am feeling Schaelonda myself...giggling...writing is FUNdamental...I know...


Anonymous said...

Now you have got me like a drug addict, again. LOL Craving the next book. Oh Sistah Deep!

Schae was one of the original characters that I wanted to know more about and I have to wait until the Fall???? Lawd help me be patient. Smiles.

Be blessed,

Angelia... said...

Umm Hmm, gotcha didnt I Queen I, yeah Is NO is doing well right now and I don't want to stop on that so...but times flys when you're having fun...

Love you...

JC Martin said...

Now I told you when you first gave me this teaser, I liked it. And you give it to me again, what you think? I still like fact I think I love it. Schae is what I envision a lot of these women sleeping with these high position holding men to be. They get tired of being the well kept secret, and leak out their own business. I can't wait to see how Schae change her life.

Angelia... said...

Thanks Jen,
I thought I knew what Schae was up to when I started but even I didn't know...I am enjoying her...


Dee Savoy said...

Very, very, nice, Angelia. You know I love a strong woman. When did you say this was coming out????

All the best,

Angelia... said...

Thanks Dee,
In the Fall...I am taking a slow approach this time...