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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dancing to What?

I often wonder what it is that makes a person decide a course of action,
Is it that the person, knows his or her own mind to such an extent,
That they trust their instincts and their gut,
And because of a certain amount of self-confidence,
They know what works for them,
Or is it that they wait for trends or what everyone else is doing and if that works for them,
They head out in that direction,
As a loner, do your own thing, go your own way kind of chick,
I have always wondered about that,
I meet folks, mostly the ones I admire and enjoy most,
Who have such focus and though they are gracious to the opinions of others,
Going in they are pretty sure where they are headed,
And will most of the time do their own thing and land feet first…
I also meet that set who go every which way the wind blows,
If they are with me, then that is who they are,
If they are with someone else,
Then they become that,
And I don’t mean a chameleon-like ability to change and adapt,
Because that is surely a beautiful thing,
And one I embrace,
But I mean that desire, to fit in so badly,
That they become almost caricatures of who they are with,
I notice this particularly amongst my young people,
They often will say,
Ms. A you just don’t know how hard it is to be different,
I immediately disabuse them of that notion,
Telling that even in my advanced years, I do recall that it is most difficult,
To dance to one’s own drummer,
Doing the Tango, while everyone else is doing the Electric Slide,
However, I tell them that dance we must, to that music playing in our,
Heads and Hearts…
Because to live truly full, passionate lives we have to be who God intended,
Otherwise we are lying,
Mostly to ourselves,
I think about my youngest son and my niece,
Malik and Charlie,
And my hears bursts with pride,
Because I have never met two more knowing who they are,
And handling up, young people in my life,
They spend precious little time,
Being consumed with what others are about,
And are inordinately passionate about doing well,
While having fun…
And dancing, fervently to their inner music…



Anonymous said...

I not only see youngsters do this but adults. I think we should embrace being individuals. Most of us writers are probably considered "different" by most people and being different is a good thing.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

It sure it, it's a wonderful thing,,,


Jennifer C. said...

I have always gone against the actual grain of things. LOL my mother will concur this, but I think it's because I've never once wanted to be accepted by many and loved by few. I want to make sure who you see no matter where I am is the person you get at all times. So I'm not influenced easy at all, I dance to my on drummer. Shoot everyone needs their own theme song.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

we sure do all need our own them song, for the past couple years, mine had to have been, "I'm Every Woman!" Lawd!


Yasmin said...

A nice reminder that one should be true to thine ownself...yes to thine ownself be true. And leaders...good ones...while considering others...they don't follow others...and they're not afraid to stand up for what they believe...even if it goes against the grain.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

That is it, I once tried to be more middle of the road and was literally sick, couldn't do it to save my life...gave that up with a quickness...


Gwyneth Bolton said...

Great post, sis. I like being happy and being true to myself makes me happy. I have to be comfortable in my own skin, mind and soul. And the best way to do that is to always do me.