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Friday, July 18, 2008


I wish someone could tell a sister, when nice became a dirty word,
I’m constantly amazed at how some turn their noses up,
When calling others nice,
Is it because we have become so cynical or been hurt so badly,
That we can’t trust or accept human decency,
Or is it just plain popular to be considered,
Hell on Wheels,
I’m not kidding here,
I really want to know,
I have several rules of thumb,
And one of them is still the ultimate,
Golden Rule,
To treat people as I wish to be treated,
I tell folks straight out, if I’m not treating you right,
Then act accordingly,
Another rule is this,
When I’m not feeling someone,
I leave them alone,
I speak to them, wish them well,
But I go my way and allow them to go theirs,
No harm, no foul,
Because life is too short to stay constantly embroiled,
In foolishness and fussing,
And I know this is a news flash,
But as we age it gets even shorter,
For real…I would not lie to you....honest!
Nothing is sadder than a person who has lived,
For many years and aren’t enjoying their,
Life because they are bound up in madness and bitterness,
Not only that, I have discovered,
That we get back from the universe,
That which we provide,
Kindness gets kindness,
Mess gets mess,
Good in Good out,
Thanks for allowing me to vent on a Friday….
Love You Like Pound Cake!


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Gwyneth Bolton said...

Kindness gets kindness,
Mess gets mess,
Good in Good out,

Great post! This is so true. The problem is people are crazy enough to mistake kindness for weakness and they don't realize that just because I don't suffer fools and don't have time for anger and attitude problems that does not mean I won't get them "told" in my nice way and keep it moving... LOL.

Have a great weekend, sis.


Angelia... said...

Taking Kindness for Weakness often happens to nice folks, then we have to shock and awe 'em...


JC Martin said...

Gwyneth is right on taking kindness for weakness, so I tell everyone I'm a mean person. Then they have to get to know me to see the real me. I'm no pushover, but I'm not a that mean unless I have to be.

Angelia... said...

I hear you Jen,
and everyone knows that nice is my first line, but if provoked, well...


CaroleMcDonnell said...

Totally comprehend. I honest think there are two reasons for some people weirding out when you're nice to them. A) it never occurs to them that I am actually intelligent and have made a choice to be nice. These are the folks who think niceness and intelligence are mutually exclusive so if you're nice then you must be stupid....and you just don't understand how the world works. The thought actually never occurs to them that you have chosen to live a kind life.

Then there are folks who know you're intelligent. When you're nice to them they think you're being snide. Especially if you're especially nice. They just assume you're playing some kind of game. Both these types are folks I would never hang with.

I don't like folks who think I'm dumb, and I don't like folks who think I'm being slick and running a game on them.

I suspect it's cause we live in a culture where folks don't understand forebearance and one-anothering or bearing one another's burdens. We're taught to say what we think --even if it hurts-- and it never occurs to these folks that there are people who know how to be snide and who know how the world works...yet we simply don't succumb to cruelty.

Angelia... said...

Sister C!
You summed that up beautifully, it is the truth as we know it, somehow meanness and intellect became though niceness is for slow folks...ummph...ummph...ummph


Yasmin said...

Stopping through just to say thanks for sharing...xoxo.

Genesis said...

Very true! I consider myself nice, but I've also had to tell a few people off...and of course it was in a 'nice' way. Seems to sting a little bit

Great post

Angelia... said...

Thank Yas,

that's called killing 'em with kindness...