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Saturday, July 19, 2008

When It's Time...

As most of you know I am a mentor by ministry,
Young women in crisis or struggle is what my heart leads me to do,
I have been menteeless for a while,
I was so tired and the girls were on their own, so I told myself,
Mama Deep needs a break,
However, for the past few weeks I told myself and my husband that I was,
Going to start looking again...soon,
However as with most things in my life, God steps in and does the work for me,
When he knows I am ready,
Yesterday I recieved a cryptic Email from my youngest, who is thousands of miles away,
That read,
"You will be receiving a call from a young woman who needs you"...
I rolled my eyes, Malik thinks his mama is the....
And can do most things,
I didn't hear from her yesterday, but this morning she called,
I remembered her from years ago, she was friend of my son's and she lost her mom at age 15,
Now five years later she has just turned twenty one and she is ready to change her life,
And she needed someone to listen,
First she thanked me for raising such a loving man,
Then she told me what her life had been like,
I allowed her to talk, interjecting when she paused,
Then I worked on a game plan for her, school, gainful employment,
And Me...
We are going to get together soon,
I was so excited and rejuvenated and very ready,
There is always work to be done,
And it always comes when it's time...
So keep me and her covered with prayer...



JC Martin said...

The Lord always have certain angels in place, he calls on them when he needs too.

You answered your phone this morning when he rang, and his voice came in as a young woman in need. You're her angel and my prayers will include your guidance and her healing.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

I will certainly keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.. Keep on doing what you're doing, sis!


Angelia... said...

Thanks Sweet Jen and Lady Gwyneth,
I love and value you both...

For Real!

Anonymous said...

Hey big sis I just wanted to say that this young lady and your life will be changed forever.....thats great! Continue to follow the path that God has mapped out for you I love you dearly.

Angelia... said...


Ms Ann

Anonymous said...

Hey Mama Deep

I'm praying for you both. I just attended the funeral of my surrogate granny, who is also one of my many mentors. She's blessed to have you, and you her.

When He calls upon you to do that thing He wants you to do, it must be done. You remind me so much of her. And I love you for being you and reaching 1000 miles to help me when you can.

Many blessings and stay peace


Angelia... said...

Thanks G-Nice,
that is my mission, to reach how I can, I have had many careers, whenever I moved I reinvented myself but it wasn't until I stepped on the Job Corps center in 1996 that I knew I had found my true calling, moving to FL years later I had to make a financial decision for employment, but I vowed I would find a way to freelance counsel and I have...I love you sweetie!

Mama Deep

Yasmin said...

What an honor that your son thinks highly of you and recommends you to others...glad to know that the young lady reached out to you and you're going to help her out. May God's blessings be with both of you.

Angelia... said...

Thanks Yas,
it is the nicest thing to be thought of by your kids that way, I was what they considered a tough, fair mama, my niece used to say, sweet and hard! They always knew I loved them and had thier best interests at heart and they knew when I meant business I meant business...