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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Peace Out!

In having conversations with friends and family over the past several years,
They always comment on how quiet I am sometimes,
Partly I suppose because in my youth, I was so vocal, political, hellbent on making a point,
However with growth, came a certain amount of maturity and one thing I discovered is that,
People are basically going to do whatever they are going to do,
Sometimes they will benefit more by example than by what is told,
That has certainly worked for me, because my greatest role models were those,
Who displayed quiet strength, having nothing to prove to anyone,
So I started to seek Peace,
Nowadays, I can be in a room full of people arguing madly,
And I can and will zone out, if I am unable to just get out,
Many times someone in my office will tell me about something,
And I am surprised because I had missed out on the shenanigans,
Though it might have been in the office next door,
My figuring is that simply living is challenge enough without getting,
'Caught up in bought madness, we can get chaos for free'
It is also a simple matter of choosing your battles,
Deciding which warfield you wish to die on,
For instance, if I see someone harming a child,
I am going to get Strapped and get in the fight,
However, if I see a grown, should know better adult making silly choices,
I am going to throw prayer their way and leave 'em to their mess,
Because we all know the only folks we can change is us,
I also choose not to engage in certain skirmishes bought to me,
When I say or do something I know what I meant,
If someone has chosen to take it wrong,
They have one course of action that will get them the truth,
Ask me, I will tell them,
Otherwise, innuendo, going to my neighbors or coming up with their own,
Scenarios isn't going to do a thing,
Because in seeking Peace one tries fervently to assume nothing,
Allowing time and understanding to do it's work,
Trust me,
Seeking Peace is work,
But you have my word, it sure is nice and...PEACEFUL!




Gwyneth Bolton said...

And so worth it and worth everything you have to do to keep it that way! I never knew how much I would come to appreciate the quietness of my own mind and having the space to be solitary with my thoughts. Peace... that's right, don't let foolishness try and takeover your peace.


Angelia... said...

Smooches Lady Gwyneth...



JC Martin said...

I feel like I beg for peace all the time at my house. So much so when I call my sons names the youngest goes "we're not fighting each other."

That's a good thing, because if they can play together all the time, even two seconds after being upset with one another they will always have each other and that is a peaceful thought.

Angelia... said...

I hear you, I remember those days and it makes you realize all PEACE is relative to where you are in life...


Anonymous said...

Thus my saying 'stay peace'...

After reading one of my blogs, my sister told me she was cool with what I said, but couldn't get down with the 'stay peace' closing... I told her 'it ain't for you, it's for me'...just a reminder of what I need and seek, all the time. Because:

I was so vocal, political, hellbent on making a point

as you said (HA!)... I don't need to live like that



Angelia... said...


mama deep