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Thursday, July 3, 2008

For Real!

On Father's Day weekend, I was in my hometown and on my way out of church,
A friend from high school stopped me, hands on hips,
Demanding to know, what was up with Cinnamon!
I was surprised and pleased that she had read my books,
And more surprised by how she said it,
It was as though I had kidnapped Cinnamon and was holding her hostage somewhere,
I told her that Cinnamon had a presence in Is NO Not Clear enough for you,
And is featured in Schae's Story,
Rolling her eyes she said,
That's cool and all but I want to know what happens with her and Black,
And I want all the details...
I gave her a hug, telling her I would see what I could do,
After the trilogy I had great reluctance with continuing the story between my main characters,
Though they did show up as parts of backstories in my other work,
I have read so many posts about,
People being tired of characters, et al,
And I certainly didn't want that,
As someone so eloquently told me,
"It all depends on how you give it to us, if you make us care about these people, have us feel we know them, we will come back time and again, because we really want to know what is going on with them."
Someone else said,
"We care about all the people in Center City and if you bring us all their stories, we will get the opportunity to peek at those we love and miss."
Hmmm....we will see...
But I want to thank everyone for the love,
And for making Center City a place they want to know about,
For Real!

Love and Blessings,


Gwyneth Bolton said...

Are you teasing us again? Does this have something to do with the Mrs. Black project yo mentioned a few posts ago? Inquiring minds want to know... LOL. :-)

Seriously, that's the mark of excellent storytelling and you should be proud. You've made these people real to us and... that's why you shouldn't be teasing us like this.... ;-)


Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Not much teasing, but it does have to do with Mrs. Black, thanks Gwyneth!


Jennifer C. said...

I have to go from Angelia and Mama Deep to (in my deepest voice) What you talking about Mrs. Menchan? LOL

All your character's are written so eloquently that one would be a fool not to want more. I don't believe you can or would develop someone that we get tired of hearing from. But I'm not a chooser so I will take Cinnamon and the others in little bits and pieces if I have to. At least I'm getting them. But however if you want to give me what I want, give me more of the three. I liked them all for different reasons.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

all I can say to that is I LOVE YOU MADLY!!!!


Anonymous said...

I have a need to know what happens in Capital City. LOL

And I darn sure need to know what is going to happen with Cinnamon, Black and Brown. These people have become my best friends in my head. So come on with the rest of the story.

My author friend, Vanessa Davis Griggs has been writing stories about Johnnie Mae and Pastor Landris in her last six or seven books and I am already sweating her for the final book in the Blessed Trinity sequel. She may have to send me a bound galley. LOL

You may have to, too Sis!


Anonymous said...

Yes, when they seem real folks want to know about them--those type of characters stay with the reader long after finishing the book. Kudos to you!