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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Caught Up, Again...

Sometimes I find myself caught up, try as I might,
And I try mightily, I will find myself in a situation, where,
I am feeling really uncomfortable and not sure where to go or what to do,
Usually I remain quiet, praying that the tide will turn, the situation will improve,
Mostly it does,
However, errry now and then, I will find myself caught up, saying something that as,
Soon as it passes my lips, I want to suck it back in,
A couple days ago, I was in one of those situations,
Comments were flying fast and furiously about someone’s appearance,
I don’t give a care about how folks choose to go out and about,
I need to focus on me,
But for some reason, I threw in a statement,
The momentum stopped, I was shocked and so were the other participants,
I immediately went quiet…dag!
Last night I found myself in the same situation,
I was sitting in church, yes folks church,
And there was an air of something,
A few off the cuff remarks were said by a few people,
Silly stuff, really, personality stuff and all,
A situation occurred that was surprising to me,
However this time, I stayed as quiet as the proverbial mouse,
Though I was giggling inside at the nerve of people and how things occur so quickly,
Once the pastor started to speak, I was so glad that I had kept my mouth shut,
He brought it about how sometimes we have to be still,
Choosing not to seek our own or not engage in the battle,
Woo Hoo! Now that is what I’m talking about,
Or actually, what I wasn’t talking about…



Lena said...

yes, something I am working on as well. the tongue can get you in trouble!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Hey everyone's entitled to a slip every know and then. You got caught up, but you caught yourself. Most folks would have continued to slip. LOL.


Angelia... said...

the work is continual...

Lady G.,
I knew immediately,


JC Martin said...

Sometimes our mouth works faster than our brains. I know about becoming quiet once you realize it and. We all do it because we are human.

Angelia... said...

you are right, I recall thinking, what the heck are you doing woman...


Dera Williams said...

Just let's you know you are human but I know what you mean. :-)

'Cilla said...

Getting caught it is a HUGE battle for many. The reward is knowing that you succeeded in being true to yourself despite your weaknesses.

As always, Great food for thought, Angelia.


Angelia... said...

'Cilla & Dera


Genesis said...

We all make mistakes. I've said quite a few things that I shouldn't have, but didn't know until the words fell from my mouth. I'm a bit impulsive at times when I speak. And learning what not to say and when is just as important as learning what 'to' say and when.

Love u!