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Friday, October 3, 2008

Paying it Forward!

To whom, much is given, much is expected...
I truly believe that, thus the mentoring,
Yesterday, something happened that was such a struggle,
But it worked to the goodness,
In April, I was so overwhelmed with work, had been for months,
Finally, in walks this young woman, a temp, all of twenty-two,
I felt her spirit immediately,
Then was tickled when I l earned she was a Capricorn woman and,
Shared a birthdate with my eldest,
Well from day one,
She went to work, doing her thang, showing and proving,
The young sister was good,
My heart ached, because I felt we would not be able to keep her,
The federal government has so many rules,
However, God works,
She applied and did not qualify,
But the ones that did, did not show up,
Discovering she was a student, we knew we would be able to,
Hire her under that status, bringing her on board,
Yesterday after many ups and downs, tos and fros,
It happened, Mama Deep was cabbage-patching on her way out the door,
Because it was beautiful to see a young woman who was paying her own way,
On her on, finally get a chance when all the odds seemed against it,
And it just solidified what I had told her,
To have faith, believe that I would work as hard as I could to make it happen,
And mostly to know that what God has for you,
Nothing can hinder,
It was a good day...

Love and Peace!


Niambi Brown Davis said...

When I was a young girl, I remember hearing older folks in my community use this phrase: If God is for you, then who can be against you? The last words of your post say it all. And it was obviously a very good day.

Angelia... said...

That's it exactly Niambi...thanks


shelia said...

When I started on this literary journey, one particular author gave me priceless advice. He might not even remember this but I asked him how could I ever repay him. He responded, "Pay it Forward."

I have been doing it ever since and that's been one of the best piece of advice I've received.

Angelia... said...

it is wonderful advice and for the whole of my life, there have been so many who have done for me with no expectations, and true 'Paying it Forward' does not have an agenda, so every day, I try to do my little bit!


'Cilla said...

Also Each one Reach One Teach one!!

Your last sentence is priceless

Thanks, Angelia !! :-)

Angelia... said...

Thanks 'Cilla,