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Monday, October 6, 2008

For A Season...

Yesterday I was sitting next to a woman and for some reason we got on the subject of friendship, I was telling her about a friend who I could have known for years, due to where we grew up, but had only really ‘known’ her for a short while,
She looked at me saying, ‘Some relationships are only for a short time, a season’….
She went on to tell me about a woman she had met many years ago, while they were
Both in the military, how every year they would meet at a school and how close they
Became, but one year the woman wasn’t there and she was unable to find her,
However, decades later, she still remembers her lovingly,
That touched me, not just because of the fact, she was my elder and I don’t get that much,
Any longer…
But because I immediately knew the lesson,
She was telling me that sometimes, a thing just isn’t forever,
And that is why some friendships, get so ragged,
Because we try to hold on past the statute of limitations,
Some relationships are for a season,
And when the season ends, sometimes, we have to let go…
My mind flowed back to someone whose feelings I hurt,
We had been very good friends in high school, but once I moved on,
School, marriage, kids, states and continents,
We didn’t keep in touch,
One time I moved back home for a year,
And for some reason we just couldn’t bond,
But I tried and tried…
Then another long separation,
I ran into her by chance after moving back to Florida,
My mom was very ill, and all I had was wrapped up in that,
However, she really wanted and needed something from me,
And I simply didn’t have it to give,
She was very offended and didn’t talk to me for a long time,
I didn’t notice at first with a dying mom, a teenager and all else,
I was dealing with, I just couldn’t take on anything or anyone else…
What I wished I had been able to do,
Was get past my own pain, and simply say,
I loved you, I still love you, but my priorities and life have changed,
…maybe she would have still been hurt,
But instead of having the awkward conversations we now have,
We would have both grasped that life changes…
As do people….

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Gwyneth Bolton said...

This is the hardest but also the most worthwhile lesson to learn. People change, seasons change, change is inevitable. So we need to make the most of and value people while they are in our lives and be prepared for the lessons when they come.


Angelia... said...

Amen, Lady G!


Yasmin said...

'But instead of having the awkward conversations we now have,'

Is it too late to say to her what you wished you would have said years ago?
xoxo said...

...the point was that it didn't occur when it would have made a difference...


shelia said...

I agree with Gwyneth, our time here is short so we must make the best out of it while we can.

With so much death around us, it's taken a while but I'm getting to the point of trying to live a life with no regrets. I'm not all the way there yet, but I'm trying :)

Angelia... said...

it is always a work in progress,
and we get there when its time...


JC Martin said...

I guess that is what happened between my best friend of I don't even remember the number of years.

I have always waited patiently to go through whatever it was she was dealing with. I would call her and leave sweet soothing messages as well as emails to make her smile.

It's been two years since I have seen her and I can't find seem to speak to her either. I'm hurt but I guess our friendship is over and I don't even know or understand why.

Angelia... said...

try not to be hurt, many times it has nothing to do with her feelings for you, it simply might mean so many things have changed, new chapters have opened up. Would it matter if you knew now, maybe, maybe not, because as a wise man once told me, 'Everything does not need to be said.' That is why I can get through those awkward exchanges...we have both moved on and why bring up that which is buried...but that just works for me...

Love You Madly!

Genesis said...

Hey MDeep

We live, we learn. There are a lot of relationships I wished would have taken different paths, but they didn't. A reason, a season, or a lifetime is something my mother started speaking to me about when I became a teen. And thankfully, I listened. It helped to cushion the blow of a few things for me. I always keep it in my thoughts...even beyond in general.