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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Things I Love...

First I want to preface this by saying 'Things' I love,
I don't want any of my peeps to get twisted...

#1 I LOVE WRITING; It allows me to create and to be anyone or anything at any given time...
Residuals aside, there is nothing I love more than placing a mishmash of words together,
And having them make sense...

#2 I love Books; I am a bibliophile for sure, I can and will read almost anything; everyday I read
Something, the Bible for sure, followed by newspapers, blogs, magazines and books of all stripes;
For me Reading is Fun (damental)

#3 I love plants, I truly love to get my hands dirty, planting roses, cactus, vegetables, it is so umm, earthy...I also love seeing vegetation as I drive along highways; my husband often teases me about how many times I say, 'How Beautiful' at a thicket of trees, and green, green, grass...

#4 I love COFFEE, love it, started drinking it years ago, when living in Germany and it was cold;
I had to get up at five am, get the baby dressed and bundled, and get him to the sitter, making it to work by seven when the ground was frozen; then it was a neccesity; Now it's a love, Caramel Machiatto is my favorite Starbucks blend, but a sister will get with some good old, Maxwell House, when that is all that's available...

#5 I love the three monkeys, you know those where one has his eyes covered, the other, his ears, and the third his mouth, SEE NO, HEAR NO, SPEAK NO...Evil, those are my boys...

#6 I love really good bread, the kinds that is soft and dense, chock full of grains, nuts and maybe even a bit of fruit...with olive oil, it is so yummy and heart healthy...

#7 I love Classic it!

#8 I love MUSIC, all the time, in my car, on my computer at work, at home while I move about...
#9 I love me time, those days when I am home alone and I pitter around, read a bit, write a bit, eat a bit, doze a bit, talking to no one about anything...just chilling...

These are only a few of my loves, What do you love?



Gwyneth Bolton said...

Great list! With the exception of coffee and plants, our list of loves would look really similar. I'm a tea girl who doesn't have a green thumb. And I might flip flop the writing and reading depending on what day you catch me. ;-) But I love all that stuff too.


Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Lady G,
I also love Tea, I have caffeine issues,,,


Anonymous said...

Your top 2 are my top 2:

The Ocean
and Sprite

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

I also love the Ocean and a Sprite is very refreshing after planting,,,


Jennifer C. said...

I Love:

Tea (Coffee is not for me.)

Writing (I live vicariously through
my stories.)

Plants (I plant perennials, so I won't have to touch soil more than once. It takes a long time to get GA red clay from under my nails and gloves don't work on my long fingers.)

Books (I see many places and meet different people through books. I alternate between reading and writing.)

Coke (Even though I have cut back at home, anytime I am in a restaurant I get a nice tall glass of ice cold Coke, YUM!)

Quiet/Silence (I can't get enough. It has nothing to do with the fact that I have children, because I have always been this way since being a child myself. Can't get enough of it.)

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Long fingers, you play the son has the longest fingers and he is a good keyboardest...

mama deep

Poetic Genesis said...

We share a lot of loves (1, 2, 4, 5,6, 8, & 9)

I also love

-listening to my kids breathe while they sleep

-computer generated graphics




-ink pens (I have an obsession with them)

-fresh blank books (they make me have a personal


I'll stop there cause I could go all

Great blog and it's fun getting to know more about you Mama Deep!


Angelia Vernon Menchan said...


Love you!

Jennifer C. said...

I play a little. I began lessons back in 2005 and I had to stop in early 2007. But one day I will go back to it. I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano from I was a little girl.