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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


First I have to say, yes that is me, well over forty years ago,
Well over, my Aunt Alice finally let me take it, I had to make sure it hit the mailbox first thing this morning, anywho...
Looking at that picture, I had to ask what saved that girl,
And this morning I came up with three things,
And doing my own thing!
I had faith, when I didn't even know what faith was,
No one ever really made me go to church or even to read the bible, but for all the years of my young life, I read Proverbs and II Corinthians faithfully, did not always understand what I was reading, but it carried me through some really tough stuff,
Today I have total faith that no matter what I go through God will bring me to it and through it...
The same is true of LOVE, the folks in my life who I am closest to LOVE me and I LOVE them, they don't love who they want me to be, who they wish I was, but ME and I feel the same about THEM...Loving involves tolerance, compromise, understanding and forgiving and sometimes it involves moving on...
And the doing my OWN THING, truly sustains me, when growing up, I was considered a strange girl...head always in a book, not very interested in makeup, looks or any of the more surface things, someone was always saying, 'If you would just put on some makeup or didn't wear your clothes so loose...' I usually had something sassy to say in return as I kept it moving...I knew me...So when I started writing I knew I had finally found my Thing...I'd had jobs, careers, and made decent money, but I had never done anything outside of my family life that had brought me such the darkest moments, after praying, I can write for hours and literally feel reborn....much of what I write will never see the light of day, but it has served it's purpose in getting me through...
One thing I know for sure, is that the people who have their OWN THING, are the happiest and most peaced out...because what one's own thing does is give them something to focus on that is always positive and renewing!


Anonymous said...

Angelia, I'm going to refer your link to one of my friends. She's going through a growth process now and doesn't feel like she has her own thing so to speak--sometimes hearing things from someone else (besides your friend) will help.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Sister Shelia,
Please do, that is what RAMBLINGS is for, to tell folks as honestly as I can how I get through, got through, will get through, it has become one of my ministries...the happiest people in the world do their own thing...

Bless You!

Yasmin said...

Love the picture...thanks for sharing.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Thanks Yas!