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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Generational Curses

This weekend my niece and I were talking about something and she said,
'We CAN break the Generational Curse' heart soared at her words, because that is exactly my message in SCHAE'S STORY: A Woman's Transformation...we can break the curse...
The curse on Schae's family was that the only way to have anything or be anybody is by being sexy, attractive and giving men what they want...many women and families are cursed by this,
I can remember cringing every time I heard a woman say, she could get this man or that man,
Or when it was all about looks or configurations...I was never sure why that made me uncomfortable, until I saw a young girl doing it,
She was about seven years old and she was talking to a group of older men,
She had her hand on her hip and was batting her lashes and flirting,
I was horrified and I knew exactly what she was doing, even though she didn't know it yet,
She was imitating and modeling the women in her life and most shockingly, the women in her life, looked proud!
One thing I was cursed with is the, 'you can't trust anyone curse and the you better tell 'em off good curse...'
I spent so many years in battle with people and missing out on really good friends because I didn't trust people and I allowed my tongue to lash out when it wasn''t even necessarry...
But, I learned and am learning,
Because I know for sure that CHANGE is a decision,
One that no one can make for us, but us,
But on any given day of any given week at any given time,
We can Break the Curse!

Love and Blessings!



Yasmin said...


Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Umm Hmmm and we had better start now!


Jennifer C. said...

Is that what I've been doing, blocking people and keeping them at bay because I'm afraid of being taken advantage of and hurt?

YUP! It sure is. In time I guess I will have to change.

Fortunate for me we have broken a lot of generational curses already. Hopefully we have instilled enough into our children so they too can break somethings and make some changes to make the family bond stronger.