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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Present and Represent...

How one presents oneself is lasting…yes the old first impression makes a lasting impression thing…is it fair? Heck no…but is it real?…oh yeah…
We are judged on how we present and represent and many people miss out on great opportunities because of presentation…
I recall a few years ago, one of my son’s friends had turned eighteen and was going on a job interview, he stopped by the house in a t-shirt and baggy jeans, I remember my son saying, ‘No son, you look real fly for hanging out, but for an interview, you gotta represent…’ I smiled and stayed quiet. When the friend came from my son’s room, he had on the same jeans, though now pressed and he had on a long-sleeved dress shirt, and shoes as opposed to sneakers…he had a grin on his face, he looked proud…I winked at him telling him to go out and handle his business, he got the job…was it just because of his appearance…no, but I can assure you that in the attire he had on at first, he wouldn’t have been taken seriously…and that is what it is about, when one is in a work environment, or even at the interview level, one has to be taken seriously and fair or not, the person that takes the time to present and represent will get the opportunity…

For most of us who are older, this probably just sounds simple, but since we are living in what I call the flip-flop culture, many young people aren’t being taught to make an impression. And those who are, find themselves bound by cultural oddness that tells them to dress up is to sell out…well you heard it hear first, it is not selling out if you need a job, it is smart and necessary…and once we have the job it is as important to continue to represent with our sharp job skills, our professionalism, our timeliness…and yes folks our appearance…this in no way means give up your ethnicity or identity but it means to be in the game, sometimes we have to play by the rules that are set…simple really…and not that hard to do…sometimes a simple thing will help to even the playing field, just a bit…

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5 comments: said...

Great Post. Angelia, what I tell young folks who come to me with that "sell out" mumbo jumbo...I tell them when they choose to act ignorant, dress inappropriate, the only person selling out is them...they are selling out their ancestors, they are selling out themselves.

You know that gets a raised eyebrow or two from them.

Angelia... said...

Thanks Shelia,
They hurt themselves in so many ways...and aren't even aware of it...but I try to stay vigilant with those who will listen. One of my greatest tasks while at Job Corps was getting my students interview ready, they had all the job skills but the social skills were mad work...however, once transformed they were almost always pleased.


Yasmin said...

Great advice and words of wisdom to live by!

Angelia... said...



Dera Williams said...

We preach this to young people until we are blue in the face. Keeping it real does not mean not putting your best foot forward. I wondered about the young maorn that came to the college booth at the Black Expo I was working with a permanent gold grill. How is he going to get a job we wondered?
Great post as always.