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Friday, January 16, 2009

We Learn As We Go!

One of the lessons I have learned as a writer, that I have to pass on, is this,

We learn as we go, and one of the biggest and best lessons, is that there are very few universal writers, what that means is this, WHAT YOU WRITE WILL NOT APPEAL TO EVERYONE...

So what writers must do is find the voice that best defines them and stay true to it,

And work to find the READERS who find what you write appealing, satisfying, purchasable and work from there....I absolutely know that we as writers all want to sell to everyone, of course we do, but life and time will teach us that it usually does not work that way....another lesson is to appreciate silence, when someone says nothing about your work, take it that maybe they weren't that into it, and leave it alone...again, everything is not for everyone one, and time spent trying to convince people to get it is time wasted, that could be spent on engaging those who are interested....
When I received the flyer from my favorite library I knew that I was finally focused properly,
I had worked as hard as I knew how to reach those who were interested and I had learned not to lose any sleep over those who were not....God was blessing me in the way that was right for me, and I would be guided, as I had been on how to proceed...I am grateful!
Love and Blessings!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the signing! And these are great words as only Mama Deep can give them.



And thanks for the shout out in the book. I showed everyone I

Angelia... said...

Love you too baby...I can only speak what I know!

mama deep

JC Martin said...

You make me proud to call you friend and mentor.

I talk about you all the time.

Love ya and I'm glad others know you and are getting to know of you, because you are a blessing.

Angelia... said...

Thanks Baby,
I can see your heart and I appreciate, people like you are the ones who save me in this writing game...I love and appreciate your support! My goal is to say it as it is and maybe when new writers hit the ground running they won't be as caught up and I learn it, I share it!

Truly, Deeply, Honestly...
mama deep

'Cilla said...

Angelia... YOu are Awesome!! Honest and a Wonderful Educator... :-)

Angelia... said...

Thanks 'Cilla,
I appreciate all of you, what I have learned is God took me through so much and to so many places and placed words in my mind and on my heart and it is my responsibility to share...for years I ran like the wind from doing something like this :)


Yasmin said...

Congrats and good luck on your signing.

angelia said...

Thanks Yas,