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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am always curious about expectations,
What we expect from others,
What they expect from us,
And do any of us have the right to expect anything of anyone,
Right off the bat, I am going to say at a minimum,
We shouldn’t expect anything we aren’t willing to give,
But this morning I am going to talk about BOOK EXPECTATIONS,
What is it we expect from the books we read,
If I am reading for work,
And I read a lot, much of what I do is read to stay abreast,
Of federal law, regulations and the like,
Then I want concise, clear information that is practical and applicable to what,
I need,
So that I can pass it on in the same manner,
When reading for pleasure,
I want a story that engages, entertains, potentially inform,
That will make me want to know what else is going to occur,
Take me away, so to speak,
When I am reviewing,
I don’t expect anything,
Absolutely nothing,
Going in I assume nothing,
I will allow the book to do what books do,
Tell it’s story,
Then as I read it I will look for,
Editing, etc.
Then I think about it,
And sometimes read it again,
Then I write my review based on that…
I guess that works for me, because that is my approach to most things,
Assume nothing and come out pleased and appreciative when it works,
But able to go on to the next book when it doesn’t…
Weird chick, huh?

Be Blessed!


Yasmin said...

If I purchase a book I expect to enjoy it and go in with high hopes...if it doesn't live up to that then I want a refund...LOL. But, on a serious note, books that I'm unsure of I'm borrowing from the library. That way if it isn't good I'm not disappointed because I didn't purchase it. ;)

Angelia... said...

I hear you!


'Cilla said...

I enjoy reading simply for the pleasure. I want to be entertained or taken away.. and sometimes learn a thing or two. Reviewing books has taken me to a whole new level 'cause now I have to use a critical eye when viewing it. Critical reading is easy for work, since I am reading legal document all day. It's been a challenge but I believe I am getting the hang of it.

Angelia... said...

you got it...we all review by guidelines and try to do an unbiased, critical, objective review. But that is more than a notion, for real, for real...


shelia said...

Angelia, I like your process. Sometimes we go into reading books thinking its supposed to be the next masterpiece. It's hard when you've read books from your favorite authors before or read a prequel and think the sequel is supposed to be just as good as the previous one.

I always take off my writer's hat when I'm reading a book because otherwise, I would be too busy breaking stuff down and not be able to enjoy the book for what it is--entertainment. If I read non-fiction, I'm reading for enlightment or something that will help me in my daily walk. But I do my best to seperate my writer and reader personas when reading a book.

Angelia... said...

I have to do it that way or get so crazy in the review process, and I have to be mindful that probably the writer wrote the book they intended to, and did not have me in mind at I just try to read it and be as objective and fair as I can