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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Color are their glasses!

Sometimes I want to ask people what color are their glasses…
By that I mean, it seems that sometimes we choose to paint the world as we see it,
Not as it is,
Rose colored glasses people tend to want to paint everything rosy,
Can not and will not deal with anything that doesn’t look pretty…
Navy blue colored glasses people tend to want to paint everything dark blue,
Can not accept or deal with the fact that things aren’t all gloom and doom and that every
Thing isn’t out to get them…
Maybe that is why my glasses are untinted…and make my vision 20/20,
Because I want to see clearly,
Praying all the while that I will be able to see roses,
And the blues, in all their colorful beauty...
Because that to me is called living,
Upping and Downing,
Toing and Froing,
Living and Learning...

I am unsure if I would be able to appreciate the smell of fresh roses,
If I hadn’t managed to live through the manure that nurtured them,
I guess my highs feel so high,
Because I bounced back from some low, lows,
But that is just me, running round in clear glasses,
With a half full glass in my hand…


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