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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

There Is A Story In It...

On Saturday I was at breakfast with friends and we talked about everything,
The President on Leno,
The Economy,
Education and training for young people,
Then a woman I admire much, she is pure class, about ten years older than me and got,
It going on and on,
So much so that one day, I just called her and told her,
We don't talk often, but I love it when we do,
You know that is what we should do when we admire people,
We should tell ‘em,
Anyway she wanted to talk about Schae’s Story,
And I am always down for that,
She told me how she couldn’t stop reading it,
And then she said, she wondered while reading if we knew the same people,
My answer was,
‘Of course we do, they just live in different places and answer to different names’…
And that is all I try to do when I write is tell stories to people, about people,
That is all I am,
A storyteller,
I love watching people,
Listening to them,
And then creating stories in my head,
Then transferring them to paper in my own way,
That is why I don’t trip about what people get from my work,
Or what they say,
Because I know that I told a story,
Whether it appealed to a certain person or not,
A story was told,
And while I am not trying to do anything other than tell a story,
It is way cool when someone says they dug it,
Or got something from it,
Or just want to talk about it,
I love it, love it, love it,
It’s good…all good…



JC Martin said...

Do you make mental notes or do you have something in your purse to jot down what you saw while people watching?

I didn't realize how much I like people waching until those people started taking shape in my stories.

Angelia... said...

Mostly mental notes, even at my advanced age, I have almost total recall...most of my stories are based on people who have traveled through my life and many times not even realized it...I can sit in an airport and watch a person and a story is born...the Amazon Short I had was simply based on a song by Luther Vandross...I heard it on the way from lunch and could not get the lyrics out of my I wrote a story...not only that as I child I spent a great deal of time at the feet of my elders and they said a LOT of stuff around me, I retained it and try to incorporate bits and pieces into my work...people watching is the coolest, however, I don't have to watch much, because for whatever reason people will talk to me,,,airports, libraries, church, wherever and tell me amazing stuff...I have stories for life...


Yasmin said...

A Story Was Told...I like that...nice!

Angelia... said...

Thanks Yas, me likes it too!