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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don't Spread it Around...

I love clear, concise messages,
Nothing veiled, no innuendo, just tell me and allow me to respond,
It is always so funny to me when I hear someone talk about the infamous,
They said this or they said that,
I always ask who are they?
The other thing that grinds on my nerve is group discipline,
My grandmother was a huge proponent of this,
I adored my grandma,
But found it so unfair that if one cousin committed an act,
All of us were punished for it,
Shoot, where was the justice in that?
It simply meant that,
So and so could act up all they wanted and then watch us all get punished for it,
That is just wrong,
That is why I don’t like emails or memorandums that go out to the masses,
Telling them to correct this or correct that,
And if they don’t, such and such will happen,
Why not just call the person into the office,
Tell them what the offenses are, act accordingly and move forward,
Because what often happens is the culprits don’t respond well to this kind of thing,
Otherwise these messages wouldn’t have to be sent out over and over,
It seems that violators always assume the message is for someone else,
And the behaviors continue,
When managing I find it unfair to chastise people who have done nothing wrong,
And that it creates an environment of suspicion and gossip,
Also, when you confront a person head on, there is no question who it was meant for,
Seems simple to me and leaves no question in anyone’s mind…
And it contributes to a healthy work environment…



Lena said...

This was so on point! You just pinpointed for me the reason that I don't like those kinds of emails - and I didn't know why until you just said it! Group discipline is something I think happened with my mother and her seven siblings so she never did it to my sister and I, and I don't do it with my kids.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

it speaks to the inability to communicate to people...that is also why many people ignore emails...


Poetic Genesis said...

Hey MDeep!

I feel you on the clear concise message tip~ Not to mention, I'm pretty straight forward and kind of expect that, so people's messages get lost on me if they skip around what they are trying to say.

And group emails are evil!

I was one who was disciplined because of what my siblings did. I hated it then, but it also taught me how to look out for my siblings and make sure they were doing the right thing (so I wouldn't get my butt I do the same for my children, but only under certain circumstances.

Again--group emails are evil!

Love you and the baby gets more beautiful by the minute.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Group emails are evil...I would have to agree with you...and so is group punishments :)