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Friday, April 3, 2009


I am currently reading Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Danzy Senna,
It is a memoir of sorts, she is writing about her parents and history and her personal identity,
Her father was an African American with a promising future, but had addictions that stood in the way of his success...
Her mother a Caucasian woman who could trace her ancestry to the Mayflower...
And it is noted that their divorce was one of the ugliest in Boston's history...ouch...
I had read a previous work by Ms. Senna, Caucasia and enjoyed it and I am enjoying her current work...however, I am always curious about what gave an author the courage to write about his or her life in such a way...more curious about how it impacts those who are being written about...whether they consented or if they liked how they were portrayed, etc.
I have often thought of writing about certain parts of my life,
And if I were to write it, I would do it as honestly as possible,
And I know that many would be flattered,
And some would be straight up pissed off and would probably never speak to me again,
As such I have not done it,
In fact even in these blogs, I go out of my way to protect the to speak, there are people I never mention,
Though I am not done with the book, I can only wonder how Danzy's father will feel about what she has written...
So do you like memoirs and if you are a writer would you ever write one?
And if you did, how honest would you be?



Yasmin said...

So do you like memoirs and if you are a writer would you ever write one?

*I'm not fond of memoirs per se...mainly because so many are not really compelling stories, they've already been done before, or I know folks like those portrayed and don't feel the need to pay to read someone else's Oh yeah and how much is fiction vs. reality (One Million Little Pieces)...I can only think of two memoirs that I've read in the last 10 years that really stand was Marvelyn Brown's story and the other was The Glass Castle (or was it Wall...title escapes me but the storyline was riveting and still sticks with me)...For me someone's life story would have to be truly unique and different for me to pick up their memoir...although I did recently read one because the publisher sent APOOO two copies for review...but it was that was just okay. Oh wait...I read another one as was just okay. Hmmm it's me...I'm not a memoir person as it takes too much to satisfy

Angelia... said...

Okay Yas!
I like a memoir if it really reveals something unexpected, but I do question a lot of things, especially those where the writer was an addict and they have almost total recall...hmmm...I prefer just a straight-forward biography actually...


Linda Moses said...

I agree with Yasmin, "…so many are not really compelling stories...they’ve already been done before..." Everyone wants to think their life story is unique and everyone life is special in and of itself, but I don't know if i would write one. Hmm...I will think about this... If you are writing for yourself or to pass down to family and friends to remember you it is a great idea. To sell memoirs or show it or a national level it would have to be something that changed people or the world on a large scale.

Dera Williams said...

I love memoirs and I read a lot of them. But, I know what you mean, is part of me is soaking up this person's personal history and in some cases, I'm wondering, did she/he really need to tell all that? I have mixed feelings, as one who researches family history, on just how much you should tell. I have genealogy friends who are writing family history, but who are leaving out some "details" due to how it will affect some family members.

Would I write a memoir. In effect, most of the stories I have published have been bits and pieces of my personal story. And I am working on a collection of childhood memories. I can't say there are things that would affect anybody; perhaps I need to go more under the surface but I am writing from a child's point of view from my earliest memory up to my teen years.
I say, if you are compelled to write your memoir, then be forthright without bringing drama for shock value, which is what many memoirs portray for big sales. My belief though, if what you have to say will piss people off, if it is true, then the law and God is on your side.

Poetic Genesis said...

I like memoirs, but I'm often left wondering after reading some about how other people feel being portrayed in someones book. Everything is about perception though...

I don't think I have anything to write a memoir about, so I wouldn't write one. Plus, I was raised that what happens at home, stays at home. My family would kill