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Friday, April 17, 2009

On The Low...

No, not that kind of low...too funny...
One of the truest signs of growing up, being grown, is knowing when to keep one's mouth shut,
I remember when I got married almost thirty one years ago,
I knew that though I was young, I was grown,
I had made a grown woman's decision and I was going to have to handle it accordingly,
That meant that there was just somethings, no matter how hard they were,
I would have to keep to myself,
Only work out with the man I had said, I do to,
And pray about,
Otherwise I stood the risk of having my business all up and out there,
And surely you can't expect someone to keep your business on the low,
If you can't keep it on the low,
I would always cringe when I would hear my sisters run down their men,
With outsiders, wondering if they even realized what that was saying about themselves,
Because hey they was sleeping with him...ya know...
I recall when I was living in Germany,
There was this technician that worked with me,
He had a reputation of being a bit of a philanderer,
And he was married,
One day his wife was talking about him and telling all the people he would listen about him,
I didn't say a word...
She asked me why I was so quiet,
I told her, that that was too much family stuff to share,
And unless she was planning to leave him....umm hmm,
She never told me anything else, Thank God...
The same holds true for family members,
Keep Them Out Of Your Business,
Because all you are doing is making them form opinions,
Maybe bad ones about someone that you probably plan to be with,
And consider this, maybe they have problems of their own and don't want to be all up in yours,
I am not positively sure on this,
But am pretty close to sure,
What I am sure about is that as hard as it is and as quiet as it's kept,
Somethings really do need to stay on the low...Fo Sho...



Cassandra said...

I wish someone had told me those things when I first got never realize that the things that you "share" make such an inpact on your family or the opinions that are formed just by the statements that you "share". Sometimes we just need to buckle down and keep our mouths quiet. Terrific point made and great advice.

Angelia... said...

Thanks Cassandra,
I don't know how I knew, but I did and Thank God for it...

Bless You!

'Cilla said...

Hmmmmm.... As much as Man-child drives me crazy, I have to talk about his antics but I realized the same holds true for him ...

Thanks Angelia for giving me another lesson. :-)

Angelia... said...

Sister 'Cilla,
it is sometimes about how we share, much can be learned from it seems...but the thing I mean is running a person down to your friends and family when you know full well you are still going to be with them...or disrpespecting them by sharing things that people just should not know...I can recall as a teenager getting mad at someone who was close to me boyfriend...oh the horrible things she told me...but the next day they were all lovey dovey and I felt silly...learned a lesson that I honor to this day...


Lena said...

That was the bestest advice!

Angelia... said...

Thanks Sister Lena,
Me does what me can!


Tea said...


You sure can write. You go girl!