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Saturday, June 13, 2009


I had an interesting conversation yesterday with someone about forgiveness and being human,
It was also intense,
Because this person's premise,
Was that no matter what a person does,
We are supposed to forgive them...
I totally agree,
Where we parted company was on after forgiving a person,
Are we supposed to allow them back in our lives,
Their answer was yes,
My answer was not necessarily,
My reasoning is that we should forgive everyone as we wish to be forgiven,
But we can choose who we want to roll with,
And forgiving someone does not mean condoning a behavior,
And some behaviors have no qualifying,
I can forgive a rapist,
But I am surely not going to roll with that person,
What I find most interesting about the whole premise is that people,
Only talk about forgiveness or all people being human,
When it is someone they like,
Or someone that is close to them,
Or if it is of some benefit to them,
No....we are supposed to forgive all,
And surely it is harder,
But ultimately more spiritually beneficial to forgive someone,
You don't really feel...
Because heck most of us can forgive those we love,
But the true work is in forgiving those who have tresspassed against us,
But having enough sense to know we don't necessarily have to have them around us,
To be forgiving...
But that is just me thinking out loud...



JC Martin said...

I have to agree with you. I can forgive, but breaking bread and pretending like we are best of friends just won't happen. Truly forgiving someone is freeing yourself from the burden of being ticked off and angry with them. We tend to age ourselves when we sit and stew. So forgiveness is a way of letting go and moving on; with or without that person in your life. Only can determine what you're willing to tolerate.

Yasmin said...

' Only can determine what you're willing to tolerate.'


'Cilla said...

I agree with both Angelia and JC... it's a matter of Choice.


Dera Williams said...

That's what I have always said, just because you forgive someone, doesn't me you let them back in your lives.