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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Role Playing....

Yesterday was a day for epiphanies,
I love and unlove those days,
Love them because they are tied to my growth,
Unlove them because they hurt like a twelve letter cuss word!
It reminded me of something Ms. Alberta Brown wrote in my yearbook when I graduated from high school…
Ms. Brown was the ultimate educator,
Tall, slim, light brown, verbose, pumps and pearls, take no prisoners,
Assistant Principal…
I dug her,
She wrote;
Learning begins in the cradle and ends at the grave…
For real,
And one thing I have had to learn and relearn is what my role is in the life of those I love,
I was my mother’s daughter,
My husband’s wife,
My children’s mother,
And recently I became a grandmother,
And the only role I have to love her,
Give her what little bit of me she is willing to accept,
And most importantly to remember that her parents are her parents,
Which means I am left with a great deal of time to do those things that feed my soul,
Go to my church for the word,
Hang out with my man,
Sit quietly in a corner,
Read a book or five,
I read five this week and am working fervently on six,
Write as many books as I want to,
About any subject I feel like,
And you know why,
Because when you play your role,
Know your place and accept your position,
It frees up a bunch of time to just,


Other folks thoughts of you are not your business…


Phe said...

Amen & Amen

Angelia... said...

umm hmmm Ms Phe. umm hmm


Shelia said...

You said a mouthful within a few short paragraphs. I know sometimes I can take on too much--when in reality--it's not my business to take it on. Lately my time has been limited (with MY business--personal and professional) so I've had no choice but to let folks handle their own business. I have people mad at me now because they feel I don't have the time for them anymore. Which if they looked at it, it's entirely true. I just no longer have time for handing out advice--that's not going to be taken or being a part of the drama they seem to have going on in their lives 24/7.

Whew...I guess I needed to get that off my chest. LOL

Angelia... said...

Sister Shelia,
that is what Ramblings is about loading and unloading...girl we have to free ourselves...

Bless You,,,

'Cilla said...

WOW... I've been caretaker for my brother and family for the last 4 months. As they prepare to move into their own house.. I am desparately waiting to EXHALE!!

Love the post!!! :-)

Angelia... said...

Sister 'Cilla,
Free yourself, breathe deeply and blow it out through your nose...

Love Ya!