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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When To Stay...

Have you ever just quit something, didn’t really give it a chance,
Immediately knew it wasn’t for you,
I did that once in my life,
I had temporarily moved back to my hometown and a friend encouraged me,
To take a job that I knew was wrong for me,
I knew it, nothing about it appealed to me…nothing…
I didn’t think I would be hired, but as luck would have it, when I went in to apply,
The manager was a woman I had worked with years before,
She hired me on the spot,
I worked for a week and was as tense as I could be,
The job wasn’t for me,
I didn’t like the atmosphere, nothing worked,
And after a week I didn’t go back, I thanked the manager and walked away,
My friend told me about myself,
She felt that I had thought I was too good for the job,
Heck, I don’t know maybe she was right…
But in many ways it felt good and right, to just quit…
But different, because I am naturally inclined to stay,
Try to work it out, see the good in it…
That is one of the reasons why I still attend my church,
A year and a half ago,
The bottom fell out,
I was in a spiritual battle…
Couldn’t believe what had occurred,
Had serious church hurt…
I struggled mightily with going,
But I knew I had to,
Because faith isn’t about me or other people,
It is about God…and the church doesn’t matter,
It is the Word that counts and I am so glad I stayed,
Because my spiritual growth has been amazing and we are all as a congregation,
Headed to a better place,
Many ask me why I stayed and I told them that when we hop around,
Going here, going there,
Leaving jobs,
What we fail to realize is that many times nothing changes,
Because we take ourselves with us everywhere we go,
And until we work on ourselves,
Nothing else works,
And discovery that you can make in no matter where you are,
The circumstances be damned,
Is a beautiful thing…
For real!



JC Martin said...

I, too, took a job that I turned down four times because the vibes I got from the office was stagnant.The boss and I bumped heads within three days of me working there.By strike three I had to go, so I gave him one month to find someone else, but no one stayed.It was more or less a revolving door. Now I realize I was at a crossroads in my life and I needed to make some changes. It took me a while to realize what that change was, but I'm happy that I did make it. It was time to move on to where I felt I was being lead. Back to school to receive my teaching degree and to write. When we jump around we tend to miss the whispered messages. We have to be still in order to receive the instructions we need to be successful in life.

Angelia... said...

Yes, Yes, Yes and being still is hard...but we must or we miss our Blessings and we might miss being a Blessing to someone else...


Anonymous said...

Been there. Done that.
When to stay is very insightful.

Angelia... said...

Thank Ann...


Dera Williams said...

Good words. I believe in stickinh it out in most cases. Except in the issue of spiritual matters. I have had this conversation of late because of the issues going on in a well known AME church here. I will not stay at a church where the spiritual leader is not living right. I refuse. I don't subscribe to he's just a man, God forgave him; there are just some things I do not expect a minister leading people to do and I stand by that. There are people I know at this other church who stay because as one told me, "we aren't going to get any better." Some people are miserable and their souls are grieved, yet they keep going back, week after week because they think that's the way it is, and they have to live with it or their spouse doesn't want to leave. The MARRIEd minister took church funds and took his mistress on a luxury vacation and then used church credit to buy a luxury car. Because he was under contract, they kept him for the 18 months longer. Oh, did I mention, worst of all, he was a domestic abuser. No, I wouldn't stay. I would be sitting in church with evil deeds in my head. I expect more from my spiritual leader so in this case, I would leave and begin the process of finding a new church home.

Angelia... said...

I totally understand what you are saying and God leads us all to do what is spiritually best for us, in my case the person was gone, there was no longer a need to leave, many found it hard to stay, I chose to go through it... In the case you described, I don't know what I would have done, but I know I would have done some serious praying before I made a decision...