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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Something that we all need is our own business….
Really we do, and the reason is because if we don’t have our own,
Too much time is spent messing in someone else’s,
I have a couple of elders who I love dearly,
But I have to give them lots of shade,
I am talking about massive oak tree with tarps over ‘em kind of shade,
Because they are too busy and as such are great dividers…
Great dividers are those people whose mission in life seems to be to keep stuff,
Going on between other people,
And irony of ironies,
It is usually people who should be working for the greater good,
But oh no,
They are so sad,
So lonely,
So wrapped up in misery that their power is based,
On gossiping and running and telling that,
To anyone who will listen,
And hoping that it doesn’t get back,
Close your mouth,
I know darn well you aren’t surprised,
Cause we all know ‘em,
Got ‘em in our family tree,
And as such we sometimes have to shake ‘em free,
Or as my sister says, ‘Feed ‘em with the longest handled spoon…’
And it isn’t just relegated to the elders,
Oh no, not at all…
There are enough of the youngsters,
Who are applying for the same jobs,
Getting their resume clean and polished so they,
Can get in the business of being great dividers as well…
All I can say to them is,
‘Stop it already and get some business of your own…’
To those of us affected by it,
I say…shhhhhh…
Don’t say a thing around ‘em,
Unless you want to be on blast,
All over everywhere…


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Anonymous said...

Well said sister. Just keep them in our prayers and hope that no one is to old to change.

Angelia... said...

we gotta pray and pray for me too...I need prayer all over my life...for real!