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Friday, March 27, 2009

Dreaming in Color...

Are your dreams in color,
Mine are...I admit that though I am about action,
I love dreaming...
When it comes to real dreams, the one that occur while sleep,
My dreams almost always mirror something that occurred in my life that day,
Or sometimes something I heard or saw,
Yesterday after a communication with my son,
He was a focal point in my dream,
And it gave me perspective, advising me on how to deal with that,
I am also a daydreamer,
Actually I call it writing stories in my head,
If left alone for any period of time,
And I am not mad busy, I am lost in thought,
Creating stuff in my head,
It has served me well,
Much of what I have daydreamed about has occurred,
Because I believe in putting my dreams into action,
Another dream state,
Is really not dreaming,
But seeing, visualizing what I want to do and where I want to go,
And then believing with all my being that it will occur,
I cannot tell you how many times that has worked for me,
I give it sight,
Then I internally voice it,
Then I get about doing it...



Genesis said...

I dream in color as well. I thought I was special since I'd read that not many people do. But I've asked quite a few people and most of them say they do. I also do ALOT of Can't help it. But my daydreams don't happen when I'm alone with nothing to do. They actually occur when someone is talking and I've made up my mind that they aren't talking about anything

Happy Friday

Angelia... said...

you are special baby...I also zone out on certain conversation...shh...


'Cilla said...

Hey Sis.. I am HUGE Daydreamer. I zone out alot in my own world and I find myself daydreaming about the after life of characters from the most recent books I've read. Always taking it to another level.

Linda Moses said...

My dreams are in black and white. What takes place in my dreams sometimes can be categorize as colorful; if we are using the term to describe a lot of action. I have notice, most times, I will dream about what is going on around me during the day or what I am longing to do or who I am thinking about. I haven’t been day dreaming much these days. I haven’t been day dreaming in a couple of years and I use to be a day dreamer.

Now, I am about planning all the time. I have an urgent need to have my dreams manifest; I am constantly planning and taking action(s). What have served me in getting things done in my life is dreaming, visualizing, speaking about it , planning and lastly taking action towards my goals.

Am I boring because I don’t day dream? I think not; there comes a time in life when day dreams should manifest and day dreaming about it put aside. I do get a glimpse of things to be or answers I am searching for.

I can zone people out if they are not saying anything I want to hear or if it does not agree with my spirit.

What happens when a person does not day dreams? Is day dreaming a natural occurrence for people? Can you be an “excellent” writer and not day dream? Hmmm… Okay, I am rambling, again.

Yasmin said...

Yes I'm a dreamer and I dream in color and I can tell when it's not in color because my brain is asking why or saying that's in black and white lol...when I was younger my dreams were scary because they were foreboding/forewarning and I honestly didn't like know what was going to happen...just a little too much looking into the future for I still might know that something is coming but I won't necessarily know who it is...until the phone rings to confirm it...still a little eery.

Dera Williams said...

I never thought about if my dreams are in color or not? I dont know... but I assume they are in color? Why not?
But speaking of dreaming and imagine, I was reading some old files from 2000 and 2001 and boy did I have an imagination and a way with words. I can't believe I wrote some of those things. It reaffirmed that I need to continue to pursue what I know.

Tea said...


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