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Monday, March 30, 2009

Now I Remember

Do you ever ask yourself why you stopped doing a thing,
Then when you do it, it slaps you on the head...hard...
And you are reminded..
I did that a couple of times in the last couple of days,
I reached out in ways I had promised myself I wouldn't again...
In one situation, it was a no harm, no foul kind of deal...
If it had worked, it would have been all good...
If it didn't work it would just be confirmation not to go there again,
In the other case I had simply forgotten why I wasn't doing it,
It had been so long...
Anyway, it was much like trying to drink milk when you are lactose intolerant,
You sip it down, ice cold and feel so refreshed,
It has been years since you did this,
And you actually took your lactaid before doing it,
However, the minute it hit your system,
Your body says, "Girl, I know you didn't just do, what I think you did?"
And once it acknowledges that you indeed do that thing,
It makes you pay...
With the final message being,



shelia said...

Girl, been there and done that. Sometimes we get temporary amnesia and can't help ourselves :)

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Sister Shelia,
Ya Know!


Linda Moses said...

I have been to that place I call, “Stop Rite, Now”. I can laugh now at some of those times I revisited Stop Rite, Now only because I survived the humiliation, pain and disappointments. When it came to love, I kept falling over and over for the same man. To be honest, I can not truthfully say that my heart is fully over him, but I know not to go to that store (if you know what I mean). There was another time when I hung with the wrong crowd down by Stop Rite, Now and found myself lost and confused because who I thought were my friends were not and for some strange reason I kept going back trying to make friends. I can go on and on about my trips to Stop Rite, Now but I won’t bore you. I will admit there were times when the trip I thought was at Stop Rite, Now was really a shop called, “Shop to Soon, Come Back Later. We live and we learn, I can say, “Now, I remember”. Thank you for reminding me. Smiles!